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My 7" 40GB $62 Traveling Tablet: Amazon Fire

On a trip to Indianapolis, I left my iPad on the plane. Tracking it did no good. I was not happy. For Christmas this year I got the cheapo Fire with Firea wimpy 8GB of storage. For $12 I added a 32GB card. Total cost = $62.

It's a great traveling companion. The screen's not the absolute best but works just fine for watching streaming movies (supports all the streaming services I use) and with 40GB downloaded movies. And yes you can read books, play games and store a lot of music. Since it has Bluetooth I use my Bluetooth stereo buds. To protect the screen I slipped it into a standard shoe shining mitt you get at the hotel.

The problem with using your phone on a trip is the battery consumption. Sometimes on a trip to NYC I've depleted the battery so much, I'm afraid I won't have enough to run the Lyft app. Now I turn my phone completely off and just use the Fire. If I happen to leave it on a plane again, I don't think I'll have as much angst.


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