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Why Are You Special?

And by you, I mean your customers.   How do they view you?   Why did they buy and will they buy Customeragain?  This is the first question I try to understand whenever I start a new project (or talk to a company about a position). 

Once we figure that out, then you only need to do two things:

  1. Do more of what is special.
  2. Eliminate or automate anything that does not contribute to number 1.

The problem I see in many companies is they follow the latest "process" without understanding what is different about them versus everyone else.   On the other side of the coin I also see companies who generate plenty of good ides, without having the means to test and execute on them.

In my last consulting engagement it turned out that what management thought was "special" was completely different than what their customers thought.  In three months after going through the two steps above, revenue increased by 80%. 

Think about your specialness from your customers' eyes.