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Embedding a PowerPoint or Keynote Slide Deck Presentation in a website

A pdf just doesn't cut it in today's websites.  Try looking at them on your smartphone.   But how do you handle those slide decks?  I've seen plugins etc. but that was just too much work.  Turns out Keynote on Mac has an export to HTML (and it does a good job of importing those PowerPoint slides).  After you export it, you get all the files and JavaScript all in tidy folders.  Just FTP them to a folder on your website and you are ready to go.

I especially like the part where it detects if you are running an iPad or iPhone.  It then enables finger swipes.  A side benefit is you are forced to simplify the content of your presentation so you can view it on a smart phone.



You can also upload your PDF or PowerPoint presentation to http://slideonline.com - Key is not supported as far as I know but converting it first to PDF will do it. Then you can embed the presentation in any website.

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