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Comcast dumping Analog, charging $2 per TV to hook up after 3

Just got a notice from Comcast that they are dropping all analog signals. I'm not surprised.  There is only so much bandwidth and I suspect Comcast is increasing their 3D line up.  So goodbye analog.

If you have an old(er) TV like a CRT you will no longer be able to plug the coax into the back.  You will need their box.  Being generous, you can hook up 3 for free.  Then it's $2 per set. 

Some of you may have the "occasional" TV in the garage or the guest bedroom.  What to do?   If it's a newer TV you can still get the normal network HD channels (I checked with Comcast).  Or perhaps this is a good time to head over to your local big box store and pick up a convertor over the air box for about $50.  Just plug in an antenna (remember those?) and you can get all of the network stations for free.

This may be a good time to evaluate what you are paying.  Maybe all you need is high speed Internet and the basic channels (comes with HD).  Then used the money saved for Hulu or another service.