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B2B Startup Success: Start with the long tail

You have just developed this great product / service for businesses.  But you need customers.  Too often we focus on those "big deals" and gear our messages to the top: "We will make / save you money". 

The problem is only the people at the very top care about this.  Everyone else in the company is concerned about their day to day work.  And their number one priority is "Can you save me time or reduce my hassles"?   For every executive there are hundreds if not thousands of workers.

That means you need to price your product to fit within the budget of the workers, either their signature authority or better yet, their personal budget.  And you need to message accordingly.

At some point you will hit critical mass at a company and management will take notice.  So make sure you have a path to move up the chain so that management will embrace your product instead of black listing it.


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