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Phreesia - Not patient friendly - Two thumbs down

I'm all for electronic checkin for patients at clinics, but I wonder sometimes if the vendors actually use their own products.  Take Phreesia for instance.  Hand the patient a tablet with a stylus and voila! all their information is electronically captured.

Except when a 4 minute paper process turns into a 15 minute ordeal for the patient.  Bad UX design, signatures that have to be entered 3-4 times to be accepted, sporadic issues with the stylus not registering and the unit is very heavy and awkward to hold.......

And before the patient logs out they have to watch a drug commercial.

It's embarassing.


Katie (Phreesia)

Bruce, I’m glad you had the opportunity to check-in on the PhreesiaPad. I am sorry you didn’t have a better experience but thank you for sharing with your readers. You’re absolutely right: for some folks, the first time checking in can be a little time consuming to get all your data entered. On subsequent visits, you will not have to fill out as much information and we hope you will find yourself with the 74% of patients who prefer Phreesia to paper forms.

I am happy to report, we just launched a UX update which includes an enhancement to the signature field. Next time you check in with Phreesia you will notice a difference! We always appreciate hearing user feedback. Your comments will be considered in future product design, thank you.


P.S. Next time you check in on the PhreesiaPad, don’t feel obligated to view the optional health messaging at the end of your interview – instead of selecting one of the messages, just exit out of the interview.

Bruce Fryer

Thanks Katie,

Until you get the weight down on your tablet and get better responsiveness from the stylus, count me in with the 26%! btw It wasn't the amount of information entered, it was the awkwardness of entering it that was the issue.

And if the "health messaging" is optional, why have it at all? Just saying.....


Very unprofessional experience with Phreesa, they screwed up my set up process, took money out of my account before they were authorized. When I called about the money they said OK we will put it back, never offered a explanation or an apology. When I expressed concern about the money and several other issues I had, they said my sales rep would call me to straighten everything out before I would move forward. To this day I have never heard anything from them! Wow, I new consumer expresses concerns and no one from Phreesia bothered to follow up! Would NEVER recommend this company!!

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