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Raising money is one of the joys of being a CEO.  Several months ago I decided to apply for an SBA loan.  Rather than go to each bank separately, Lendio could handle it all for you.  

So I put in a request.  For the next two weeks I got bombarded with calls and emails from Lendio to get a subscription.  So I did.

Filed two requests.  Lendio took my money, dinged checked my credit score and then.


I could not followup because they didn't give me the banks contact information.  Support calls and emails unanswered.  I finally got one of the sales people and they said they'ld take care of it.  So they cancelled my subscription and deleted all my information.  (Yes I even wrote Brock Blake the CEO but he wouldn't respond)

Maybe they're doing better now.  I sure hope so.


Brock Blake


This is Brock Blake, CEO of Lendio.com. I'm sorry to read about your experience. I'm even more sorry that I don't remember seeing your email. Can you please re-send? We care deeply that you have a great experience and hope that we can make up for any less than stellar experience that you've had thus far.




@Brock I resent the email I sent you and Adam Reader.

Tim Ludwig

Bruce - www.matchfinancing.com is a similar service that makes it easy to find and compare business loans. It takes just a few minutes and is completely free. Probably no harm in trying out multiple services if there is no cost and you can control who gets your contact information so that you don't get bombarded with telemarketing calls.

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