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Just Pick up the Phone Already

We're gearing up for a couple of shows later this year.  So I asked one of my people to make up a list of clinics who might be interested in what we do.  After reviewing the list, I asked about how many clinics they have.  He thought we could look it up on Hoovers.  I suggested calling them.  "Just ask".

He did and during the discussion got connected to an EVP who is interested in what we do.  

I'm sorry but all business is personal.  So pick up that phone and get personal.  I'll talk to anyone.  If I'm not interested, I'll let you know right away so we don't waste time.  And I'm not the only out there that answers their phone.

Physicians and Realtors

Picking a realtor to sell your house is a big deal.  Aa You want to get a fair price and sell quickly.  So you look for someone who knows the market, can examine your house, give you advice on how (and how much) to prep it to sell, and sell it quickly.  And you have lots of tools available to make your selection.  They will show you the market, days on the market, turnover rates and their track record.

Now isn't your health as important as your house?  But try to find out anything about your physician.   How successful are they in keeping their patients healthy?  And if they suggest a procedure at a hospital, how much does it costs and what is the success rate? 

Good luck with that.   At best the only tool you have is over patients commenting on the physician on a web site.  Yet many physicians are making patients sign documents that they won't evaluate the physician.  And try to get a cost estimate from a hospital and compare it to another hospital.  Do we believe that every physician and hospital provides the best care?

And we wonder why health care costs are climbing steeply.