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Bloglines RSS replacement: Google Reader, NetNewsWire and Feeddler

I have been using Bloglines for years.   Since it is browser based, I could access all my RSS feeds no matter where I was.   Yesterday there was a notice that Bloglines was being discontinued by the end of the month. Aa

So I scrambled to find a combination that worked for me.  Here's what I did.  First off, I exported all my feeds from Bloglines (just 1 click).  Then I activated Google Reader.  Couldn't figure out how to import my subscriptions and wasn't crazy about the user interface.  So I installed NetNewsWire on my Mac.  And synched it to Google Reader. 

Then I imported my subscriptions to NetNewsWire.  Very nice.   Next up, getting something on the iPad.   NetNewsWire wanted $10.   I don't use it that often.  So instead I got the Feeddler reader for the iPad.  ($0)  It automatically syncs to Google Reader.

Viola!   Now I have two great readers on the machines I use most and Google Reader when I'm on yet another machine.