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Bloglines RSS replacement: Google Reader, NetNewsWire and Feeddler

I have been using Bloglines for years.   Since it is browser based, I could access all my RSS feeds no matter where I was.   Yesterday there was a notice that Bloglines was being discontinued by the end of the month. Aa

So I scrambled to find a combination that worked for me.  Here's what I did.  First off, I exported all my feeds from Bloglines (just 1 click).  Then I activated Google Reader.  Couldn't figure out how to import my subscriptions and wasn't crazy about the user interface.  So I installed NetNewsWire on my Mac.  And synched it to Google Reader. 

Then I imported my subscriptions to NetNewsWire.  Very nice.   Next up, getting something on the iPad.   NetNewsWire wanted $10.   I don't use it that often.  So instead I got the Feeddler reader for the iPad.  ($0)  It automatically syncs to Google Reader.

Viola!   Now I have two great readers on the machines I use most and Google Reader when I'm on yet another machine.



You might want to give Activorous ( a try -- one free app that will work on whatever device you're on, computer, tablet, or phone. Will also import your feeds directly from Bloglines.

Seven Okelli

I've used Bloglines for longer than I remember. I tried Activorous and Google Reader and several others, but they just don't work in a way that's useful for me.

In the end, I downloaded the Rnews Feed Aggregator and put it on my webserver. It works more like Bloglines than any of the others I tried, and now I'm happy.

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