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iPad Physical Design Flaw

The iPad is a nice looking device, unless you want to hold it, or carry it.   It is not a handheld device, it is a prop-able device.   Aa  With a focal length designed for Steve Jobs' eye sight propped on his folded leg.  You cannot use it flat because of the glare (and it skids) and you cannot hold it without fear of it slipping from your grasp. Steve should have dimpled the shell.

I predict that every iPad user will buy a case to compensate for this flaw which will ensure that the aesthetics will only be seen the first time you take it out of the box.  And kudos to the first person who tells me of a case with a hand strap on the back so I can hold it in landscape mode.


Carlton Berlacher

I agree, there should have been something attached to it to make holding it more firmer and also keep the fingerprints away. I was very impressed with the size of the iPad screen and other tabs looked so inferior but what kept me thinking was how to hold it?

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