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Inuit TurboTax does not work with Intuit Quickbooks Mac

I manage our business on a Mac.  I bought the latest copy Quickbooks 2010 for Mac.   I knew it a little bit quirky because to send to the accountant running Windows, you need to export as Windows.  No biggie.

Aa   The corporate tax returns were due Monday.   But I wasn't worried.   The books were reconciled each month and up to date.   I installed TurboTax Business in my Windows virtual machine (Intuit hasn't gotten around to developing a Mac version yet, because they must believe real accountants don't use a Mac).   I exported the qb file to Windows.  And tried to import them into TurboTax.

TurboTax puked: "unsupported file format".

I ended up having to print out the P&L statement and keypunch every number into TurboTax.  And after doing some research, found out that Intuit TurboTax does not work.....ever....with Intuit Quickbooks Mac.   Now that's good product planning.  "Choose Easy"


Sean Coleman

I'm experiencing the same thing... except I'm using the Mac version of TurboTax (Home & Business) and can't figure out for the life of me how to transfer Mac Quickbooks to Mac TurboTax.

Basic Bookkeeping

I am into Windows hence; no problem so far. I hope you either finished the book on time or Intuit makes a version of it in Mac.

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