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27 January 2010



Just cut your name of the top of the page and enclose the survey--They pay for the cost of a stamp--does not cost them much but makes me feel better

Richard Dahmer

Thanks for the heads up on this worthless "survey", piece of trash. I thought it sounded like a scam.

wrench asmussen

Thank you..I thought the questions were weird sounding, so decided to check for a webpage..I found you, and I thank you.......wrench asmussen


The "survey" is filled with leading questions so that any answer you give will indicate you're against all taxes and regulations. It's obviously a set-up to support right-wing policies.

The form had my name and address printed on it, which I cut off, then sent back the form with a note on it that their survey methods were invalid.


I told them to move to Russia. They don't deserve to live in our America!


Can I just tape the prepaid envelope to a cinder block and send it back?


I agree with above, tear up the letter and survey in little pieces and mail it back to them without a return address. Make them pay the postage. Oh yeah, make sure your name cut off the letter. Hope they open it an make a mess on the floor. A-Holes!!!


Have just faxed the two page Survey to Congressman Duncan Hunter in El Cajon CA. We'll see if he's ever received ANY input from such an organization! I don't like the fact that there's no phone number and you really don't really know who you're sending it to.


Pack the envelope up and send it back, but first fill out the information with the names & numbers of some blow hard republicant. Let them enjoy the phone calls. I was going to copy it and have all my rightious minded friends fill one out, but then they will get calls. It would be worth the trouble if, it was a REAL SURVEY.


If you are going to send it with the AGs office address or phone number in MD OR VA, make sure the sitting AG is a Democrat.

Dewee Cheatem & Howe

Better yet find a piece of flat steel or haevy metal the size of the envelope and send that back to them. Very costly!


Just for the record, these guys are still at it. Thanks to SEO, intentional or not, your website appears right at the top of the google list for this scam ... keep up the good work ...

Freddie Barber

Thanks guys. Good work. Too bed we cant stop the banks and credit card companies who probably sold these crooks the list they use for this scam.

Hopefully one day we can organize against greedy foreign and greedy domestic oil suppliers and perhaps boycott one company just to send a message.

Roy Nrizell

I did the same thing - No phone number and they did not have a number for this lettr so I could ask questions and who they supported - I did not respond because they are not a creditable outfir otherwise they would have includeda number for me to confirm and ask questions.
Junked letter and did not respond.
Thanks roy.

Rick Jones

Thanks for the info on this scam.

I returned the envelope full of air so the Post Office could get the income and these phonies could get the charges.

What a way to make a living.

Jamie D

Mail it back to them and tell them they are hoods.

That way they must pay mailing costs.

David Feldstein

It was obvious to me, as well. I thought about returning the survey marked nice try, but it really wasn't. So I bought a bird for my nice . . . the two sheets of paper covered the bottom of the cage perfectly.

Tom M

I smelled a rat when I opened their letter. Thank You for confirming my suspicions.

Lee Kirby

I googled them up, and lo and behold found your blog! Here it is August, and they're still at it. Soooooo, I clipped off the "Business Reply Mail" part of the return envelope, and I will send them ALL my junk mail (along with some pebbles too---ooh I liked that idea!)

That way they'll have to pay the postage to get a mail box full of CRAP which is exactly what they sent me!!


I got this letter as well, from a address 841 E Fort Av. Ste.235 Baltimore,MD. so I map quested that add.and walla it was a UPS store. So at the end of the letter it asked for your ph# and I gave them the Ph# of that UPS store.The internet and this site is very helpful. Thanks.

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