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27 January 2010


Robert Bowden

I just rec'd it too. First, I never heard of these people, second, the questions were too strangely worded. Decided to Google them and WOW, thanks for the heads up.


I put the phone number of our local sheriff's office. Thanks for the information.

Joe Blow

I filled the sheet and put my boss's phone number for the contact info and took my name and my address off the sheet. I know he will enjoy this as much as when I blacked out the little light at the bottom of his mouse or the first cup of coffee I get him each morning. He's such a sweet heart.


Hmmm... Make them pay via pebbles or different phone number... I'm thinking the AG of MD? That's my best thought. But as there are two # lines, also, as they claim to have an office there. And I don't want to bother a secretary screener, so maybe the media person who might actually care about being bothered: (202) 727-2320
In fact, maybe I'll "correct" my address to that of the AG:
9341 Cornwell Farm Dr
Great Falls, VA 22066-2703

Yeah, that sounds good. SOOO sick of these scum, right behind the professional charity boiler room companies.

Bob Jackson

I was tempted to put one of my dog's turds in the envelope before mailing it back. But I only used the junk mail I had received (without of course any of my addresses included).


Thanks for the information!

Bruce Stebbins

I got the survey and started filling it out when I realized that the questions were skewed toward answers that I didn't believe. So I just figured it was for some right wing lobbyist outfit and ripped it up. Then I googled the outfit. I'm glad I did! Great idea on the envelope! Thanks for this!


When they used the Bush 43 phrase "death tax" and as the only war he ever won was on the middle class,the survey felt like suspicious,so I went online and thanks for the info. Mike in Napa,CA

Stan Swenson

I answered the survey on the back so I had someplace to write my thoughts, the only problem is my answers do not match the questions!! I checked them out first and found all these comments.
Thank you everyone!!

Vinnie B.

Sent back empty

bob oppet

I am sending back the envelope.. maybe they can re use it


Thought this was garbage when I read it but nice to confirm. Now what to put in the return envelope hmmm.....

janet murphy

I, too, received one or their "supposed" surveys. What poorly worded questions, sort of reminds me of the non sequitur questions we used to joke around with in school. "Did you walk to work or take your lunch?" I'm so happy to note that so many people are checking these people out before they send back the survey. I will send the empty envelope too. Thanks for the info.

Tom Cianci

I received the letter from the "Investor Protection Association For America" and for a second I thought it meant that there would be REAL CHANGE going on in Washington..

I also mailed it back to them unsigned and my name and code cut out, let them throw it out and hope they recycle this crap!!


I received my "survey" today. I read the questions and became suspicious. I'm sending it back unfilled out with 3 or 4 blank sheets of paper, just to make them pay more postage.

I hate being deceived.


I just sent the envelope back with a picture of my butt in it. LMFAO i hate scammers


Nice work Mr Fryer, it's good to see that so many got online to check this out, and can now act accordingly. We are not the only victims of is scam, because there will be list renters from this company, that will use the list at some expense and really not get the results they expect. Ineffective effort, wasted postage,more paper and ink in landfills.

gary young

" Being a marketing guy I tried to figure out what was really going on, especially since health care reform was no where to be found."

Had exactly the same thought... Thx, good blog all the way through---well, most of the way! If we all agreed, why communicate. Oh yeah, campaign funds.


What a joy to have the internet available to research such junk as this. I find it amusing that this explanation uses a similar ruse to get your email address????

Phil Goldberg

I shred all my junk mail and put it in my compost pile and let my rabbits chew on it....

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