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Investor Protection Association For America Scam

I got an official looking letter from these guys today asking my opinion on important issues so they could tell Congress.   Being a marketing guy I tried to figure out what was really going on, especially since health care reform was no where to be found.   At the very bottom they asked for a phone number.  Turns out the survey is a sham to get your permission for telemarketers to buy their list and sell you investments.  You can buy the list here.

On the bright side I was running out of starter paper for the grill.


Dave King

I got one too. Fortunately your blog came up first thing on google. Say - who is the chairman Mao who is 'tired of right wings lies'? Does that mena he is goign to volunteer more of his income to the federal government than what they already request from him? How do you know when Obama is Lying? (His lips are moving)

Scott Belford

Send it back sans your phone number. That way, the post office gets to collect the money and help keep your postage lower.


Thanx for the heads up, I also mailed back the empty envelope.

Bob Rutledge

Attach it to a brick so they have to pay the excess postage.

John Gakkerue

I put a brick in a box and glued the business reply envelope onto the outside. Anybody wuth bricks laying around or anything else nice and heavy should do the same.

Road kill is another idea.


Thanks for the warning about this scam. If you send in the form, don't forget to tear out your name and address! I sent mine back attached to a very heavy box of old books.

Chris Van Petten

Well, they are still at it! I just received my "survey" in Arizona. Now I'm disappointed I tore it up before I saw on the great ideas from the rest of you on how to use the envelope. Will remember for the next one.

My problem was I got so mad with their multiple choice solutions to the country's problems.

Oh well, with the Super Stupid Committee failure, I am loosing all hope for intelligence life to run our country.


What a scam. Who actually thinks Congress listens to anybody! Let alone the people that elected them.


What a silly survey! They really believe we Americans are retarded people.
No opinions asked about the bail outs, or about stopping the corporate welfare to the military industrial complex and WallStreet who suck the blood and money of the taxpayers. The survey will go to where it belongs, the recycle bin!

Gary Stoltz

Thank you for the tip-off. I can't take these telemarketers anymore. Twice a day without missing a beat I get called by a number identified on my caller id as Nebraska. I'll bet I'm not the only one familiar with this.

MR Severance

Thanks for the heads up. How did you find out it was a scam?


Thanks for your work. It was obvious this is a scam and a push-poll. Let these bums reach my unanswered answering machine.


I like to take all the junk mail I have laying around and over stuff the prepaid return envelope and send it back to them. They have to pay an extra fee when it is over prepaid weight. It isn't much, but it is effective!


Thanks Bruce. Just received this flyer today. Shredding it as we speak.


Everyone! Mail back those envelopes sans the survey. They will have to pay for those empty envelopes and if enough of us do this, maybe they will stop.

blue dog democrat

I love how the the categories of incomes at the bottom of the survey begins at <$250K! If that doesn't tip you off, well, back to the funny papers. I think Romney said those were the people that don't matter. I got laid off yesterday, but I still made less than 250K. The brick was a nice touch. Will it work?

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