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Investor Protection Association For America Scam

I got an official looking letter from these guys today asking my opinion on important issues so they could tell Congress.   Being a marketing guy I tried to figure out what was really going on, especially since health care reform was no where to be found.   At the very bottom they asked for a phone number.  Turns out the survey is a sham to get your permission for telemarketers to buy their list and sell you investments.  You can buy the list here.

On the bright side I was running out of starter paper for the grill.


Billy D

I would like to be able to write them back directly to tell them that I am tired of the corporatist right wing crime syndicate constantly fooling poor, uninformed elderly voters into buying their garbage. These organizations, FOX news, and the corporatist Senators and congressmen must go. I AM TIRED OF THE LIES.

Buck Z

I did write them back on the back of their survey minus my name. It wasn't nice but then again neither are liars trying to B.S. Me.

Scott Eckardt

What a bunch of creeps! What ever happened the our values and patriotism? Do these folks who send these letters or work for “Investor Protection Association For America” have parents or children of their own? Heaven can wait….NOT!

Thanks for the blog…I received the same letter, filled it out and was about to mail – but no wait, let me check the internet to see what Investor Protection Association For America does? The rest is history. Thanks for letting us know.

Gary Wright

I hate these kind of things. One way to get back at them is to put pebbles in the letter and drop it in the mail. Since it's prepaid, guess who has to pay the special postage!


If they actually do provide congress with your comments, isn't that worthwhile?

Sales pitches can always be ignored.


As is hoping the Easter Bunny will visit.


Mr. Fryer - thanks for this. This is clearly a biased survey - readily discernable from the nature of the questions. They use of the term "death tax" for estate tax, and "marriage penalty" for whatever that is. The optional solutions are slanted towards republican wish lists as though they represent the only ones.


I helped them out by stuffing their return envelope with all of the coupons that came in the thrifty shopper pack the same day. I hope they can use them.


Don't ignore it -- make sure you send the prepaid envelop back empty or with whatever so they have to pay the postage on everyone of them


I just received their letter and am wondering who is behind this. Any ideas?

Frank Adams

Thanks for the information. I had answered some of the questions but didn't like the way some were worded and became suspicious. I'll send their envelop back.


Ben, It's a bunch of people who want to get your name so telemarketers can interrupt your dinner trying to sell you investment opportunities.


I appreciate being able to check these things out on the internet.


I sent it back with out checking the internet about this company, good thing I sent them my work # and it's also a good thing I work for an investment firm, lets see them call me here.Dennis


Thank you! I just received their survey today. What a pain!

don  gugliuzza

Thanks for the help, I received my "survey" today in Florida....if only I had a parrot, it would line the bottom of the cage well!

Ran Hansen

Thanks. I filled the return envelope with coupons and advertisements.


Thanks for the info.The survey seemed a little sketchy and caused me to check them out on the web before filling out form. I would have just trashed it but making them pay the postage is a much better idea.


Received similar from "Investor Protection Association For America" with address "5505 Conneticut Avenue NW #140, Washington, DC 20015-2601" but address on return envelope is Survey Collection Center, Investor Protection Association For America, 841 E Fort Avenue Ste 235, Baltimore MD 21230-9962; with permit no. 786, Washington DC


Caveat emptor (let the buyer beware). Thankfully we have access to a freewheeling internet so we can check these things out. Long live the unencumbered net!

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