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Funding a Start up: Lessons from The Brothers Bloom

I watched the Brothers Bloom a couple of days ago. Aa  Quirky but entertaining.   It the story of two brothers who become the worlds best con men.  (no, raising money is not a con job)  Three things were interesting about their approach:

1) The older brother Stephen would build a complete storyboard of the con, usually consisting of 15 parts.

2) They would spend a lot of time understanding their target (mark), hopes, dreams and desires.

3) The last part was always an exit, but the mark would have their dreams realized, so even though they were in reality conned, the mark never complained, because they got everything they wanted.

Business is always personal.  First off, do have to have a well developed thought out story about the journey an investor will have with you?   The next step is the one most founders ignore.  Understand your investors hopes, dreams and desires.   Does your story deliver on those?  If not, no deal.  And finally have a good exit where everyone gets what they want and need.   If you don't deliver on this, you'll be a one trick pony.

This is hard.  But it does work.   


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