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Experience vs Experts

Experts are great when you have a well defined problem and need a quick solution.   Which is why I like union journeyman electricians.  But not so hot with ill-defined problems you tend to find in start up companies.  Experts tend to be very deep in their field but not very wide.  The classic "if all you have is a hammer, the whole world looks like a nail".

Experienced people are much better at ill defined problems.  They have a large tool kit of pre-made partial solutions from which they can build a custom solution.   In the food world Sandra Lee prepares fantastic meals, but not from scratch.  She calls it " semi-homemade cooking".   I never realized Bisquick was so versatile.

It's very frustrating to deal with both ends of the spectrum in a startup:  On one hand you have the talented "build everything from scratch", which constantly re-invents the wheel and takes forever, and on the other side you have the "experts" who have one solution for everything.   Finding that experienced middle is a task in itself.  

But once you find them, keep them close and keep them happy.


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