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29 May 2009



And if you go to the event and wait 10 minutes after it has started, you can get great seats at face value from the scalpers who haven't unloaded their tickets.

Ryck Marciniak

Bruce, you are so right! However, our experience locally is that demand is far outstripping supply, so the chances of waiting till the event starts and purchasing the ticket at face value is very limited.


Write to your congressman/woman:
Make the resale of tickets by more than $5 over face value - any venue, any location, any technology, by any parties - punishable by a $1,000 fine per ticket. Make this a FEDERAL law. Include in the law a clause that holds web-hosting services equally guilty for allowing the listing of ticket resales. Enforce the law mercilessly. BRING BACK TICKET PRICING AND SALES TO SUPPORT THE ARTISTS AND THEIR AUDIENCES, not the rotten scalpers.

Ryck Marciniak

Petey, in Canada, we previously had some laws on the books, and we may still have them, that make scalping illegal. The key problem with legislating a fix is that it requires enforcement. Unless the individual ticket scalping operation is rather large, there just don’t appear to be the resources to focus on a scalper.
For this reason, I tried to think of ways that would impact scalpers where they live—in their pocketbook. If we can institute some economic disincentives, then we may discourage them from even thinking about ticket scalping.
Thanks for your comment.


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