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Chapter 11 Option for AIG Financial Products Division

Paying these guys bonuses after collapsing the world economy is bizarre.  Now AIG claims they have a legal obligation and it will cost more in lawsuits if they don't.

This isn't rocket science.  AIG needs to spin off the financial products division into a company and take them into Chapter 11 to reorganize.   All contracts are then null.

Problem solved.  (o.k., it is simplistic, but there are solutions)

Paying what it's worth

Interesting story on the nightly new last night.   I heard about this restaurant in Denver a couple of years ago.   They serve great food, fresh daily.  And there are no prices on the menu.  Instead you get an envelope and pay what you want. 

 Reminds me of "Stranger in a Strange Land" where they had bowls of money by the front door.

Paul Harvey ..... Good Bye!

Aa I think everyone has heard Paul Harvey at least once.  As a child I remember riding in the car down the small country roads in Indiana and listening to Paul Harvey while eating a somewhat warm Velveeta sandwich (those were the Tang years too).

I saw an interview with Larry King from '03 where Paul was asked how he put together his news casts.   He said after reviewing all the news he focused on those stories people needed to know and those they wanted to know.

This is a great marketing lesson.  If you don't tell people what they need to know, then what's your value?  And if you want them to pay attention you also tell them what they want to know.   Striking the balance is critical.

This is Bruce Fryer...... Good Day!