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19 February 2009


Joseph Y Nasser

Good for you. I'm the opposite. I've been Platinum Elite for more than 13 years, but, due to more teleconference and less travel, plus Delta dropping so many routes from my hometown (Tallahassee, FL), I had to take other airlines for in-state travel; the result - I failed to make Platinum level this last year. my Delta reward? I was immediately dropped to gold level. Doesn't make me feel very loyal to Delta.

Amy M. Green, CEC, PCC

I also was a Medallion Member and recently was informed that I no longer has Medallion status. Would you mind letting me know what was in the letter you received and what if anything Delta required you to do for the complimentary Silver Medallion? I called Delta after I read your post and they would not fess up to sending these letters to loya Delta customers. In fact, if you could post the letter I would be grateful.

Amy M. Green, CEC, PCC

I apologize for the typos! ooopppps!


Don't have the letter. I was Gold last year which may be the reason.

Micheal Beatty

I have been "communicating" with Deltas "Online Medallion Support" since probably March when I realized I was no longer Gold. When I received my silver package, I called Delta and they told me it was a mistake and i would still be gold, i guess it was just the first of their "blow offs". Since then I received a form email saying, sorry you did not have enough miles, but you are still a silver. - Woppie!!. Can you spell AirTran, I have been a loyal Delta customer for over 14 years, but not any more.

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