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False Choices: The Challenges for the Product Manager

I was going to write about implementing a CRM system, but listening to the President talk about "false choices" got me thinking about those false choices we run into as a product manager.  My favorite is "To be competitive, you have to outsource as much as possible".


The false choice here is between not being competitive and sending work where there is cheap labor.   I call it just being lazy.    Instead, focus on design of your products and processes.   I have done it twice in two high tech companies.  Production and support were all domestically based.   And we were competitive in both price and margins.

How?  One huge advantage of being domestic is the ability to quickly change your product and service.  Providing, of course, the processes and design is correct.  By doing this you actually have an advantage over your competitors.   Not to mention happier customers.


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