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The Two Things You Need to Start a Company: Trust & Execution

Let's face it, there are plenty of great ideas out there for new products and services.   And most of them will never see the light of day (or maybe on a late night infomercial). 

There is plenty of good advice about the mechanics of marketing a new product and starting a company.   But in my experience, once you've answered the questions:
- So What?
- Who Cares?
- What's the "aha"
And you've figured out how to get to market, you first of all need to be trustworthy.
Any business requires money, be it from a banker, friends, angels or a VC.   They need to believe in you and what you are doing.   Without that, you will have no capital.

This is also important to building customer and partner relations.   People like to do business with people they like to do business.

Secondly you have to be able to execute.   Brainstorming, business plans and wonderful architectures are just find and dandy, but you need to make them reality.  Market windows are just that.  Windows of opportunity.  And they change.  Quickly.

Tom Asacker says "Execution is the new strategy".

So if you don't have a high trust quotient or have execution problems, guess who your first employee / partner should be?


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