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Journalism is More than Twittering in Your Underwear

Aa  I pulled that quote from Joshua's commencement speech at CUNY.  While twittering can be great for first hand impressions of an event, or even a real time light weight discussion, for the most part it strikes me as lots of people doing their own Truman Show (be your own Jim Carrey). 

Bill Moyers talked about the other end of the spectrum, the investigative piece, where search for the facts of the matter are king.  And discovering and telling the story.

And the pendulum swings.   I follow many RSS feeds for blogs and news, but at the same time I subscribe to Time magazine.   Which tends to do more in depth reporting on a subject.  (Unfortunately lately the magazine begins to look like a weekly pamphlet.)  

A good journalist exudes credibility and authority.  Because they capture the essence of the story and back it up by facts.   We in marketing can learn a lot from this discipline.  

Although we are engaging in conversations, do you stand out?  And are you telling a story which is of interest to your customers?   Something to think about for the new year.


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