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Be Noticed

This morning I talked to two people I know at two different companies.   Both deal with technical customers, one in computers, the other in manufacturing.   And they both have different approaches to reach their customers.

The software company has been very effective in intention marketing.   Their website and message is quite clear "This is what we do".   So when a potential customer says "I need this, now", bam, they come up on the first search page.   Focused, no b.s. and a very high conversion rate.

The manufacturing research company is very effective in relationship marketing.   Periodically, they carefully go through the list of people they have worked with and know, and just call to touch base.  That's it.   And they have been doing well.

So between now and the end of the year:
1) Make sure you can be found
2) Reach out and call

It's just that simple. 


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