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Johnson & Johnson Motrin Opportunity

Kathy Widmer has the attention of social media in just a couple of daysAa Ouch!   Of course it's kind of like the attention you get showing up to a black tie event wearing shorts and flip flops.    Kathy did apologize but instead of shuffling off to the side of the room, here is an opportunity to engage with the angry people.   

Time to start a conversation with these people.   Get their insight.  Better yet collect YouTube videos from the moms and  display them in a collage talking about issues that are important or not.

Or she could sit meekly in the corner waiting for this to blow over.  Which would be a shame.

Being Competitive is not enough

Delta airlines after the merger decided to charge for all check bags now (unless of course you are Medallion).   Southwest does not.   Since we live far away from our family this starts to add up.

So I contacted Delta and got this reply:

We appreciate you taking the time to share your comments regarding the
changes in our baggage fee. By implementing the first baggage fee in
combination with lowering or eliminating several other fees Delta
remains competitive
in the airline industry. As always, your business
is appreciated and again, thank you for your feedback
So I asked just what fees were being lowered: 
  • no more fuel surcharges for Skymiles travel ($25+)
  • phone reservations now $20 instead of $20
  • elimination of $3 Skycap fee

But you get hit with $15 for the first checked bag.  Yeah, this is remaining competitive.

But being just "good enough" does not win the trust and loyalty of your customers.  You have to excel.  In something.  Anything.   As long as it is relevant.

Reminds me of working at Novell where HR stated "We hire only the best people."  And then found out they pay median wages.   Does not compute.

So in my book "competitive" = "we don't care but hope you don't notice".  Be noticed.  Be better than competitive.

Cost Effective Marketing

Today, more than ever, we need to focus on controlling expenses, retaining customers and increasing revenue.   Nothing like a recession an economic downturn to keep you focused.  A couple of weeks ago I was asked how to do this:

1 - Hang out where your customers hang out.  Be it regional tradeshows, associations, online.

2 - Associate yourself with someone / something who has authority, or as I like to say "Hang out with the cool kids".

3 - Listen, listen, listen, talk, listen, listen listen.

The Ad Agency's "Marketeer of the Year" is  a master of this. 

This does work.    I don't believe in email blasts.  I do believe in persmission marketing.  And hooking up with a daily newsbrief is a great way to do this.   A campaign I just did for a client netted a 5% click through.    And none of the readers were annoyed because this was done in the context of a subscription they were getting.   Compare this to spamming mass emailing to a list and getting .2% return.

A Sense of History: Just Vote

Today's my mom's birthday.  She was born the same year as the passage of the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote. Aa   November 2nd was the presidential election between Harding and Cox.  The country was in a recession and tired of war.  Terrorists attacked Wall Street.   Her mom (my grandmother), 9 months pregnant voted for the first time and was a poll watcher in Chicago. 

Fast forward to the 1972 election, 1 year after passage of the 26th Amendment giving the right to vote to 18 year olds.  The contest was between Richard Nixon and George McGovern.   The country was divided over the Vietnam war and just wanted it to end.   This was my first election and I was a poll watcher in Chicago (at least until I was ejected by the police which is a story by itself).

We stand upon the shoulders of those who came before us.   Tomorrow is a big day.  Read up on the issues, the propositions and vote.   Bring a sandwich, a bottle of water and an umbrella (just in case).  It may be a long day.