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Being Competitive is not enough

Delta airlines after the merger decided to charge for all check bags now (unless of course you are Medallion).   Southwest does not.   Since we live far away from our family this starts to add up.

So I contacted Delta and got this reply:

We appreciate you taking the time to share your comments regarding the
changes in our baggage fee. By implementing the first baggage fee in
combination with lowering or eliminating several other fees Delta
remains competitive
in the airline industry. As always, your business
is appreciated and again, thank you for your feedback
So I asked just what fees were being lowered: 
  • no more fuel surcharges for Skymiles travel ($25+)
  • phone reservations now $20 instead of $20
  • elimination of $3 Skycap fee

But you get hit with $15 for the first checked bag.  Yeah, this is remaining competitive.

But being just "good enough" does not win the trust and loyalty of your customers.  You have to excel.  In something.  Anything.   As long as it is relevant.

Reminds me of working at Novell where HR stated "We hire only the best people."  And then found out they pay median wages.   Does not compute.

So in my book "competitive" = "we don't care but hope you don't notice".  Be noticed.  Be better than competitive.


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