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Chase Bank System Crashed: Day 8

Thursday, May 1st the interest rates change.  So I thought I'ld go over and check my accounts and see what the new deal looked like.   While the summary came up just fine, turns out when you try to get the details, the weblogic server pukes error messages all over your browser.  (so much for Oracle / BEA's "rock solid foundation")Aa

So I had a decision to make.  Should I spend 30 minutes of my life with music on hold or use the handy customer support email system?   I opted for email.   Got an automatic acknowledgment back and later that day a tech told me the system had problems (really?) and they were working on it.  That was Thursday.

On Saturday it was still down, sent another email.

Today is Monday, you guessed it, still down, sent another email.

I guess the help desk takes the weekends off.   This is serious business, a bank is having systems problems for 5 days and they don't let their customers know what is going on.

So for your support ticketing system, make sure it automatically keeps customer appraised of the situation on a DAILY basis until the issue is closed.   Otherwise they may start losing confidence in you.

As for me, looks like it music on hold day.

UPDATE: 5/6 I stopped by the local Chase branch, crashed it on their computer.   They called their secret number and sure enough Chase did a system upgrade last Thursday and the IT people are working on it.  They just didn't bother to let any of the branches or the customer know.

UPDATE: 5/7:  Decided to check to see if it was fixed today.  Well, someone was doing something because my account access was disabled.  Got that resolved and the problem account had disappeared.  That's right, the account was just gone.   Got right through to a superior customer service rep (I want his direct number) who not only fixed it but gave me an update on the problem.   They're still working on it, no resolution date stated.

UPDATE: 5/8 If I was still at Baxter in IT and a customer system was down for 8 days I'ld be collecting unemployment.

UPDATE: 5/9  It's up!  It works!  No one bothered to tell me <sigh>.


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