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14 April 2008


Jan Ryan

I went to the Cole Haan outlet store in Napa, California this last weekend and found some great Nike for Cole Haan Maryjanes. I was told they run short so got 1/2 size larger than normal. I wore them the next day for a few hours and then 1 day later. I decided they were in fact too big and would probably stetch as well. So I went to the local Cole Haan in San Francisco (where I live) and ask if maybe I could ship them back to Napa via them and replace with my correct size. They starting shaking there heads no before I even finished speaking stating they were not connected to that store. Then when I became silent and started to pack up the shoes one of the desk people told me he would look online to see if they had my size at the Napa store for exchange.(I thought they were not "connected"?) Anyway he then gave me the number to call the Napa store. I called and was told I could not exchange because I had worn the shoes and no one lets someone return worn shoes. I stated I was exchanging and that Nordstrom's always takes returns or exchanges. The response was "good for them". I then ask for the manager who was not in this day. I ask for the name of the regional manager and was told they only had district managers. I ask for the name and number of a district manager and was told they could not give that out. I am so disappointed that a high end shoe store would treat customers this way. I will never shop with them again.

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