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Delta Airlines Customer Service: Part II

Working for a US based airline has got to be a tough job.   And everyone wants to take a shot at you.  Kind of like being inside of a piñata.  Aa

Balancing costs and customer service is a rough road.   Delta used to have ticket counters in all the major cities.  With the exception of New York, they closed them all.   In spite of all these and other measures, fuel cost contributed to a $6.4 billion loss this quarter.  Ouch.

I got a call from a retired friend of mine today.   He was totally frustrated because he wanted to renew his Crown Room membership and he could no longer drive over to the mall and visit the ticket office.  So he called the general line and enjoyed the piano on hold music.  The agent said he could renew on line.   No computer.   So they mailed him an application that he could fax in.  No fax.

Now this isn't just any traveler.  Not only is he a million miler, but a "Flying Colonel" which is the level above platinum.   Turns out Delta trashed that program several years ago when they cut a lot of frequent flier benefits (most of which have be re-instated). 

So I placed a couple of calls: one to Andy McDill, Delta's spokesperson, and one to the customer service line.   I got right through to an agent, Jim Reynolds, who walked me through all the options and suggested just renewing when checking in on the next flight.  Not a bad option but I did question why they couldn't do it over the phone.......   Andy called me back within the hour and he carefully (and cheerfully) explained why the procedures and we talked about fuel prices.   

But in the end, I logged onto my computer and got the renewal done .  (Don't understand why Delta can take a credit card on the phone to buy and ticket but not renew a Crown Room membership.  I wonder if they out-sourced that....)

Two things to take away:
1) In times of trouble, be responsive (like Delta): you need all your friends more than ever.
2) Your best customers are your best customers.  Treat everyone well, but go the extra mile for them.


Ray Drake

I was a Flying Colonel from 1976 until it was discontinued sometime in the 90's. To clear the air, you had to be nominated and had to be a more than frequent flyer to be presented with it. It did get you in the Crown Rooms and you were treated fantastic. I had over 1 million miles on Delta before they ever came out with a Frequent flyer program and had over 2 million miles on Delta's Frequent Flyer program by 1980. All of my flying was in First Class. I have not flown since the late 90's but I remember Delta as the absolute best airline flying during those years and I flew them all.

A. Ray Drake


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Richar Alan Terrill

I am a frustrated flyer that only flies Delta when he absolutely has to!!!
When discontinued, the FC program was the best...We flew and they took care of us!
How can they just turn their back on the Million Milers!!!
I dont know how but they did.

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