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23 April 2008


Ray Drake

I was a Flying Colonel from 1976 until it was discontinued sometime in the 90's. To clear the air, you had to be nominated and had to be a more than frequent flyer to be presented with it. It did get you in the Crown Rooms and you were treated fantastic. I had over 1 million miles on Delta before they ever came out with a Frequent flyer program and had over 2 million miles on Delta's Frequent Flyer program by 1980. All of my flying was in First Class. I have not flown since the late 90's but I remember Delta as the absolute best airline flying during those years and I flew them all.

A. Ray Drake


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Richar Alan Terrill

I am a frustrated flyer that only flies Delta when he absolutely has to!!!
When discontinued, the FC program was the best...We flew and they took care of us!
How can they just turn their back on the Million Milers!!!
I dont know how but they did.

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