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Burton Snowboards + Poaching = Clever Marketing

Hi, my name is Bruce and I'm a skier.   About 10 years ago, many resorts did not allow snowboarding, but that changed quickly.   Today in the US, there are just 4 resorts that are skier only including Alta and Deer Valley here in Utah (out of 9 resorts locally).   

Aa So Burton had a contest: Poach a ski only resort, make a video and we'll give you $5K.    Pretty clever and hats off to Nate Bosshard.  For ~$20K  Burton got a great buzz in the community and it wasn't through an advertising campaign.

Here at Deer Valley (rated #1 by Ski Magazine) Andrew Braden won the prize submitting this video.  (disclaimer: Andrew is a friend of our family).

Are you a "tried & true" marketing person using only approved methods, or are you reaching out to your customers in numerous non-traditional ways?


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