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03 March 2008



Thanks for this blog.

I am facing a situation where I am changing jobs.

I currently work in the private sector at a small software company (2 IT guys). Been here for 8 years. Raises got froze for 2-3 of these years.

I am very good at what I do here.

There is no growth, company wont spend any money training. It's up to me to learn what I need to do my job. I like the job and people, pay is poor for what I do. I love the short commute. The state job is a 15% pay increase, an easier job, but a horrible crosstown commute.

The company just got bought out this week by a large company too. So lots of turmoil going on around here. Looks like these folks purse strings are tighter than my old boss's.

I feel conflicted internally about taking the new job. Most of the info I read in googling "should I take a new job" didn't seem applicable.

Your blog seemed very relevant to my situation.
In answering the questions you pose, it's very clear to me no matter how attached I am to my job, there is nothing other than my emotional attachment holding me here.

In the end, the best decision is for me to move on to better things.

Thanks for the impetus to move onward!

Ok back to work at the ole' job now...

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