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25 March 2008


Mary Schmidt

Funny, I was just reading one of Tom Peters' books where he notes the ONE thing we absolutely positively must have for success is TRUST!!! IT's PEOPLE! PEOPLE WHO TRUST! EACH OTHER!!! (Well, that's the way Mr. P. writes.)

Everyone hates being suckered - your old friend selling insurance reminds of a time long ago when my boss invited me to come out to his house (waayyyy south of Dallas - well over an hour's drive through killer traffic from my place) to have dinner and talk about something really exciting! A great opportunity! No, no, he wouldn't tell me what it was - I'd have to wait until I got there.

Turns out it was an Amway recruitment party. Needless to say I was stuck (he was my boss after all) - I had to stay for a while...and smile...and buy one bottle of some crap...but I didn't sign up either.

The question for Apple (as for the network marketers) should be:
"How many friends do you have? Now, how many friend do you NOT want to have?"

(Well, Dang, I just wasted a perfectly good blog post on a comment. ;-)

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