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InsideCRM Is Spamming the Bloggers

I'm really getting tired of this.   I get an email from Amy S Quinn telling my about a real cool CRM article from InsideCRM (notice I did not link them, go Google them).    My first clue was Amy has a gmail address.  Oh no! Aa Then I searched that name and found she (if it is a she) is also promoting Walmart's in-store clinics and a piece from HRworld.

What's ironic is InsideCRM has a piece about "Flip the Script: 34 Scripts and Ideas for Getting Back at Telemarketers".    Now if only they would publish an article about getting back at web sites that spam bloggers to promote their websites.  Maybe I would subscribe.



But Bruce, she's so helpful! Actually, I think Amy's a very advanced (and shy) AI just doing what she was created to do:)

Mary Schmidt

Ya gotta love that touch of the middle initial. Maybe I should introduce her to Roberto (Roboto) over at American Airlines. They'd be a perfect couple!

(I'm also stealin' that photo.)

Thanks for making me think and laugh today (as you do most days.)

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