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Let's Fight!

I like to fight.   The creative process is one of strongly held positions by different people.  In a healthy team, differing positions and viewpoints are presented, defended and modified.   

Dissent Friction makes fire.  From the fire of dissent, steel is born.   

I've always done this with my teams.   Doesn't work so well with management teams especially when someone believes that their title gives them the right to pontificate.   

Great piece in Behance

In poorly run teams, the person with the most power or experience just makes the call.

Now this is a useful technique for achieving breakthroughs, but please when it's execution time, let them do their thing.   So, foster dissent.  Challenge authority.   Build consensus head on.  You'll always be amazed.


Mary Schmidt

Well, it's only fun when you're in your own weight class. The empty suits who so love their titles don't make for a good - um - title bout.

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