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Silver Bullets are for Werewolves

Marketing is hard work.  We see a new opportunity.  We have a vision.  We work towards delivering that vision working with our market. 

It isn't easy.

Too often, midway through the process, someone gets frustrated and looks for that silver bullet.  The conversations usually start with "If only we......"  (for 5 points, what's your favorite line)? Werewolf   It was refreshing to see the dedication and progress made at the MSP Alliance show last week.    This group saw the need over 7 years ago and relentlessly pursued the art of the Managed Service Provider.   Now it is the hip thing and everyone wants to do it.  Without paying their dues.

Been through this many times.  In the early 80's it was local area networks.   Took 5 years to make that the norm.  Then it was email.  (yes, that used to be an unusual thing).  Then the computer appliance (that took 3 years).  Now it's been several years since my vision of http as a secure disk i/o transport and we're delivering it thanks to the concurrent vision of the  Amazon Web Services team.

The moral of this story is simple, if the vision is sound, connect the points of light with other people with a similar passion, and you can make it reality.

Crunch Time Again

Douglas Adams said:

"I love deadlines. I especially like the whooshing sound they make as they go flying by."42

So much for my planning.  But even as there is a lot of whooshing going on, I always make people a priority over things.   So when Amazon Web Services gave an invite to an event, I go.   Because I enjoy working with these people.  I'm also carving out time for one of my favorite analyst groups tomorrow.

But what about those deadlines?   Well, I call it my "sleep optional" days.   

Sometimes we forget that marketing is about conversations.  And if you're always "producing" something, you're not listening are you?