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DNA Trumps Process: Every Time!

Every company has a DNA which guides how they behave.  Some people in a company when trying to change direction think that by installing processes they can force their companies into a new direction.  It just doesn't work that way.  Dog If you're an ugly dog, no amount of grooming will change that.

So what to do?   Well, you have two choices: 1) you can embrace the current DNA and try to make good use of it in new applications, or (2 do a little gene splicing.  Cut out the bad DNA and attempt to put in some good DNA.  Not so easy doing the second but doable.

The proper use of process is to codify the existing DNA of the company.   Make easier to be and do what you are already.   But thinking that overlaying different processes over old DNA will change something is self delusional.  Which is why I like our company.   The best way to describe our DNA is "Where the rubber meets the sky".  And that's why I smile when I go to work every day.

It's Conference Time!

We have our booth.  We have our collateral.   And we know where we'll be Thursday night.    I like these small shows.  Everyone is on the same page.  Everyone wants to help everyone else.   

I confess, I'm not to fond of cheap plastic crap you usually get at these things. Cpc And I also don't like schlepping bags full of papers.   So we came up with the idea of just one piece of paper and memory stick with it's own HTML to navigate all the other collateral on it.   That way it's the gift that keeps on giving.

This will be fun.