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03 December 2006


Mitch Matthews

Couldn't agree more.

I think that many people think of this as being "risky," because they're worried that people will find out that the writer/company is made of real... imperfect... flawed... talented... fun... but again... very real people.

I think it might be a carry over from the whole "infomercial speak," but it seems like many people have become convinced that unless their customer/client/reader thinks they are perfect... they won't buy/select/read them.

But... I'm thinking... and it seems like you're thinking the same thing... People want to connect with REAL PEOPLE... not commercials or people trying to act like perfect people.

That's when true connection happens... that's when true business alliances happen... that's when... well... that's when it get's fun (and many times profitable).

Thanks for putting this out there. And I'll remember to thank Mike Sansone from Converstations for sending me to your site.

Keep it real...

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