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This is a subject I touched on a while ago.  But I get a little queasy trying to directly influence this.  To me WOM happens because you are doing a good job for your customers.  Now a good metric of this is the answer to the following question: "Would you recommend __________ to a friend". 

What brought this to mind is an agency called Keller Fay.  Their claim is they can measure and directly impact word of mouth about your brand.   Since I'm in charge of marketing I get to hire the agencies to help us.    But, hold that thought for now.

I also love linked-in.  When we were looking for real estate in Redwood City I found Mike through linked-in.  He was great and got us exactly what we needed.  So when our son was moving to Denver and was interested in a company there, I fired up linked-in.  Turns out an old Novell buddy of mine knew someone in common with that company.   He forwarded my request, and they stopped it cold.  Why, because they didn't know me. (duh)  Pick up the phone and call me.  I love meeting new people.

So here's where the story comes together.  Turns out that person runs marketing for the WOM agency.   Do you think I'll be putting them on my short list?

Today's lesson.   Always give more than you expect to get back.  If someone asks for help, give it to them.  You never know who they know or in this case, may be in the position to directly help them.

Just for fun, let's see how good Keller Fay's tracking system is and if they pick up this blog.

It's been 48 hours.  Nothing yet.  Someone flunked WOM 101. 


olivier blanchard

"Always give more than you expect to get back. If someone asks for help, give it to them." Yep.

Pretty funny about Keller Fay.

Todd Tweedy

Hey Bruce,

I'd love to hear if Keller Fay ever reached out and if I could get your thoughts on a study I published on word of mouth marketing -- Perceptions, Practices and Ethics in Word of Mouth Marketing. Here's a link to the study that focuses on the challenges firms face in doing word of mouth:

You can also check out my blog on word of mouth topics at --

Many thanks,

Todd Tweedy

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