State Farm Marketing?
Let's kill those email newsletters

I like hands on. Keeps you honest!

Oh those armchair marketing people.   Armchair Get their IDC data, (or maybe Gartner), delegate a few focus groups and then pontificate on the next great thing.    Hope you're not one of them.

As you may know I'm with a new startup company.    We did all the armchair stuff, came out with a hypothesis, talked to bunches of people and wrote code.  A lot of code.   Now we have something which is definitely not slideware. 

Am I happy?

No way.   So off we're going to a conference with our CTO  (always bring engineering into the field).   And we're hosting a dinner.   

Here's a common error people make.  They talk about what they have and see if people like it.  In our case we're going to discuss the topic in general and let the other folks talk about it.   See what we can learn.   20% us talking, 80% listening.   Because I know we'll get insight we never even considered.  Always happens.  Now of course we'll have a working system to play show and tell.  But that's after the dishes have been cleared.


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