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28 July 2006


Mary Schmidt

And, that sorta service attitude is why DirectTV was on my roof today. See my latest post over at my blog "The Rant Factor or Who Sucks Less?"

Sad, isn't it?

Ian Clifton

I came home tonight to watch the SciFi channel's Eureka only to discover the "You aren't subscribed to this channel" message. I have been watching this show each week for the past three weeks, so I found that odd. I called the comcast number and found out that $47 a month doesn't give you the SciFi channel (the "Enhanced" digital package). Funny that it is included in BASIC cable everywhere else. I'm in an apartment, so I can't get satellite service. It's amazing that they wouldn't even do anything to help you. I'm sure they have a million extra boxes, why can't they swap it out? Why can't they just refund the difference between your package and the cheapest one until they fix it? Because they know that it's either not possible for you to go with a competitor or it is a lot of hassle and most customers won't switch.

Mary Schmidt


You might want to doublecheck re getting satellite. I've seen the dishes hanging outside of apartments.

And, $47 for basic? Without Sci Fi? Yikes. Good luck.


My Comcast service person came out and found a duplicate splitter in the system which the 5 technicians before did not notice.

I have SciFi and a credit for last month.

But here's the tragic part. Comcast has no CRM system for their technicians. They have no way to know what was done, by whom or even what the diagnostics readings were from last time.

As a former systems admin this blows my mind. What a waste of money in the field. There have been tools availabe since the 80's to handle this, yet Comcast has none. Very sad. And wasteful.


Just a warning ... those Comcast CSRs are a vindictive bunch. I had posted chat logs with these guys, demonstrating their level of ineptitude at times, and received threatening comments to the blog concerning lawsuits and so forth.

I later discovered that Comcast deems web chat with CSRs as protected text since it travels through their web domain, and removed the posts with the transcripts.

Anyway just a heads up. Yeah, these guys actually Google themselves. Weirdos. (I arrived here from a referrer left in my own web stats log, I'm not nate.12638 or whoever.)

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