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01 March 2006


Mary Schmidt

Since I'm the one who referred you to the independent in NM - hope it works out!

Ah, yah, that old "satisfaction guaranteed" scam. I'm sure their business model is based on volume which means "smash and grab" marketing (where they grab as much of our money as possible and run like a jackrabbit). So, do we want to make any predictions how long the logo sweatshop/traveling snake oil show will last?

Kambiz Ahmadi

I own A graphics firm and have always done what I believed I should do as opposed to following the competition. Lately I've been sending a little bit of time on the internet looking at logo design firms, and I am really disgusted by what I've been seeing. These companies do a difficult job of masking the fact that they really don't care about the graphic arts. The main problem they have is that they have "designers" all around the country that they have never met, from what I've heard logoworks only requires people looking for a job to send them 2 logos and a social security number, so much for quality!
They are financially successful because they fool everyone into thinking that having 6 dessigners is a good thing, I'm sure you can imagine the amount of miscommunication that's going to create, considering that they are not networked profficiently enough to let customers talk to designers.
I'ne been lucky enough to set up a system that allows people to get many more options in the manner they would like, for around the same amount of money. And we usually give seperate renditions of logos for print and screen making the companies look a little more dynamic. I know this sound like a shameless plug, but I'm sure you can appreciate the fact that I believe that design should be done by designers who respect their work and more importantly, their clients. Thanks for the rant time.


Kambiz Ahmadi

I was typing so fast I forgot to proof for type-os sorry!! (so embarrasing, haha)

Rob Marsh

You’re right. Designing a great logo is not an easy process. In fact, LogoWorks was founded after our own CEO had several bad experiences working with ad agencies and freelancers designing a new logo. He thought there had to be a better way. And LogoWorks is a great solution for thousands of small business owners who could not find or afford high-quality design services in the past.

That said, on your project, we dropped the ball. You did not get the client experience you deserved. Please accept my apologies. We are working hard to address the issues you raise. I appreciate your honest feedback and willingness to share your story so we can improve our business and provide a better experience to all of our clients. This is our #1 priority as a company.

LogoWorks is not a “smash and grab” type business. As a full-service design firm, we value every client and hope to develop a long-term relationship with them. More than 95% of our clients who complete their projects tell us they would recommend LogoWorks to their friends and business associates. In fact, a significant number of our new clients come to us after a recommendation from a previous client. That’s good, but it’s not good enough. I’d like to see that number be 100%.

Can I offer one correction to your post? You quote The Wall Street Journal saying the designers only receive $75-$90 for working on a project. The actual payment is closer to three times that amount after the designers are paid for revisions and win bonuses. We also employ 20+ in-house designers who receive competitive salaries and benefits. Our designers are the life-blood of our business and it is clearly in our interest to keep them happy.

Thanks again for taking the time to share your experience. Although it wasn’t as positive as I would have hoped, it gives us the information we need to shoot higher and improve what I believe is a great product offering.

If I can help in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

Rob Marsh
VP Customer Experience

Dorothy Dodd

I have had a similar nightmare experience with LogoJeez. Same problem of not being able to talk to designers, taking weeks to do simple color revisions, etc. We did the mistake of purchasing an entire package for nearly $3000.00, and in the end, due to LogoJeez not delivering, I tried to cancel, paying only for the logo that they did design. They promised to refund my money, less a 15% cancellation fee (for what - I had to cancel due to their incompetence!). I am still waiting for my refund after more than a month! Anyone have any further ideas as to what to do?


LogoJeez is one of many web properties belonging to a parent company. Your best bet is to complain to your credit card company and have them open an investigation.

Call their 800 number first and try to get an update. Let them know what actions you are going to take.

Dorothy Dodd

I have passed on the information to the disputes department with my credit card company. They will be proceeding on my behalf to ensure that I receive my refund. But it is SAD that we have to go to these lengths to get what is rightfully ours with a company that claims to "cater to all the needs of our clients with incredible professional service". NOTE: these are their words, not mine!

Dorothy Dodd

Wanted to let you know that I have received a credit (as a disputed charge) from AMEX within a week! Now, any suggestions on how to get my Logo CD from Logo Jeez? They keep promising to send it, but like the promises to give me a refund, they are empty promises.


Buy a lottery ticket. Your odds are about the same.

Jim Norman

My experience with Logo Jeez was far from pleasurable. Although they delivered a design that I felt I could work with, it took weeks to get the revisions done without sloppy errors like components of the logo being askew in the proofs they sent and colors I did not ask for or want.

I was never able to speak with anyone who was reasonable or who seemed to really want to help me and when I asked to speak with the owner, I was told that he doesn't "entertain conversations" with clients.

I tried to get an address for the company but to no avail...I did find out that they are somewhere in West Hollywood.

Finally my Logo was finished, (or at least as close to what I wanted as I felt I was going to be able to get). They sent it after my approval but then when I received it, there were color changes made to the final logo that I had approved. No one at the company would talk with me about it and told me that I accepted it so it was final.

I would not recommend doing business with this company!

Dorothy Dodd

I am sorry that you too had such a terrible experience with LogoJeez. Makes one wonder how they can stay in business?? I am still waiting for my logos on CD - for which I have paid for, and which was promised to me for months now. I think we should post our complaints on www.thesqueakywheel.com to warn others of the scam they have going on. They should not be allowed to get away with it any longer!

Samantha Freeman

I saw an interesting item on Logo Jeez at this URL.


Are they really from Pakistan? It says that they sell fake online degrees as well.

Here is the company URL http://www.axcat.com


They are not based in Pakistan. I actually tracked them down and got to their parent company (through following their billing). They're based in North America. There is a parent holding company and they have multiple logo companies underneath.

Steve Wilkinson

We used LogoJeez in Jan 06. They could never deliver on time so we ended up cancelling. We then used LogoWorks who did an excellent job. We are in the incorporation business and we know that it is so easy to establish a US company and have a US telephone number. My bet is they are based somewhere in a 3rd world country and have no sense of customer service and long term business.

BBB has given them a F. Here is the link.


We dont mind if they are based in a 3rd World country, but for God's sake do a good job.


giovanni adami

Hi i had same experience with logojeez..it was a disaster.. after i decided to order a logo to another site http://www.myperfectlogo.com they are incredibly cheaper compared to the others (just 99$) and they gave me 3 different versions of my logo, and when i asked for a revision they made me in the same day, i can say i am totaly satisfied with them, really fast and cheap company with good logos..

Pete Pasto

Hello all, i also had bad experience with logojeez. Yesterday I found this link

a logo design company rating website. so you share your experiences there

Terry James

Neither LogoWorks, or Logojeez would refund my money. They drug it out long enough, then said I had waited too long for a refund. These online logo companies make their money by suckering you in, and then not refunding your money.

Kimberley Da Ros

I am so thankful to know now that I am not alone in this battle with Logojeez. I bought one of the COMBO deals $399.99 (got a discount actually $339.99) for what was supposed to be 5 desginers and unlimited logo concepts to come up with a professional and clean logo that represented my business with 3-5 days. Well its been 3 weeks now and out of the 21 logos that I have received NOT one that comes close to presenting what my business does. They just take what seems like a simple stock icon and print your company name beside or underneather the logo. I thought I would be getting graphic designers working on this for 400 bucks that would show some creativity. I WOULD HIGHLY RECCOMEND LOGOMAKER.com for 50 bucks you can make a logo yourself with better results than anything I received from LogoJeez. Buyer BEWARE!! I am in the process of getting a refund. :)

Burcin Aydogdu

I think myperfectlogo.com is a fake site and the comment written here about that site is also fake.

They promise to send logo within 2 to 3 days but they haven't sent me my logo for more than 10 days after I made the payment.

The comment written here is by Giovanni Adami. It is very coencidential(!) that the admin of the site who does not keep his words is "Gio".

I advise people not to trust that web site.

Melissa G

I am so glad to hear that I am not the only that has had a horrible experience with LogoJeez. My order was placed on 1/11/2007 but I did not receive my final files until six weeks later. I have called five times to request the copy of CD with the logo formats. To date, I have not received.

I would advise potential customers to look elsewhere for their logo designs.

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