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05 January 2006


Mary Schmidt

My recommendation? Cut to the chase and send such things right to the CEO. That's the only way I've found around the operations snafus of many online sellers. They've got taking your money down cold (well, in most cases) but when it comes to giving it back...um, well - we'll need you to cut out the UPC code from the box, use the original form (not a photocopy), send the original receipt and shipping label, and - oh - it can't be dated more or less X days from date of purchase, or and, we'll also need the original bill (no copies) showing your credit card purchase...And so on. Of course, this is ridiculous - as all the information is in their databases to begin with.

Sigh. (I also sent one CEO a $2500 invoice for my time in consulting on services. No, the company didn't pay it, but they did hop to and take care of the problem and give me my credit asap.)

Rant on! Happy Friday.

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