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01 September 2005


Mary Schmidt

Thanks, Bruce. Good to see some folks are stepping up.

You know it's bad when the plastic-faced, happy talkers on the show biz/gossip shows are starting to rant about how frustrating it is - "We can't even drop in water to these people, and we're spending millions a day in Iraq? I'm so incredibly frustrated!" My mouth literally fell open when the cutie on the CNN Showbiz show said that last night.

One wonders just what they have been doing over at Homeland Security. In watching Larry King last night was saying to the Sec. "Well, Michael, we know you couldn't have anticipated this." Um, well, isn't that his job? Or, were they too busy figuring out that lovely color coding system (which my interior decorator friend could have done in about five minutes and for about 25 bucks). And, even on Fox, people are saying things like, "We've always known New Orleans had a big bullseye painted smack on New Orleans." Oh, and also reporting that Bush slashed the flood control budget to less than 1/2 of the request (this from Fox!)

We wouldn't accept excuses from a business like we're hearing now, would we? I'd suggest the Gov't bring in some professional Disaster Recovery people from the tech industry to help them lay out a real plan that can actually be executed. Can the marketing speak, folks and stop the spin - this is a major wake-up call for our country.

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