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17 August 2005


Mary Schmidt

Excellent points. As an old product manager (for both "real" products and packaged services) - I couldn't agree more. I was often caught between a rock and hard place (sales & engineering/operations). The sales input ("We could sell if only") - while very valuable - was only one piece of the puzzle (if you're in the trenches, being killed by tanks, your whole view of the war is tanks. That "trench" mentality needs to be factored in when considering sales feedback.) At the same time, the engineers loved to develop for development's sake (while working with a Japanese company, I was told "customer no understand" when talking about why we weren't selling more - and why we had 152 features (with development costs we were loading into the price, with 40% margin on top) when the customer really only needed/wanted and would pay for five. Astonish & Bewilder tends to make potential customers clutch their wallets protectivly and run...

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