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When "Good Enough" isn't

Teaching would be fun if it wasn't for the students

I had the most interesting conversation with a professor at a public university today. We had a long talk about what the founding fathers actually believed (as in looking at original letters and documents they wrote, on the airplane!) vs. the mythology of the founding fathers which got a lot of people elected this year. Some of the classes they taught were very frustrating because 18 year olds had already decided what was true and could not expend any intellectual effort to even contemplate other views or examining the actual occurrences of the events. So sad. But then again these are not students. These are young adults chasing after a piece of paper to avoid having to do real work for 4 years. I used to run into this a lot in business. That's one of the reasons I do start-ups now. You have to look at different points of views and change rapidly, otherwise your company goes away. This is why we are very selective of our customers. Those that want to improve we embrace. Those that don't, well "have a nice day".


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