Corporate Behavior Rooted in Self-Interest?
Healthcare Reform: Lessons from the Department of Agriculture

Health Care Reform: Rationing vs. Gluttony

Health Care is expensive here without the best outcomes.   You would think the conversation would revolve around efficiency: how to get more bang for the buck.  Yet there is a chorus of objections anytime someone actually wants to control costs (like doing studies to find out what drugs, treatments, etc. work best).  Then the outcry of "rationing" can be heard.

Aa  The opposite of rationing is gluttony.  You consume too much and it's not good for you either.   Any treatment, drug, or hospital stay introduces new risks, besides costing money.  Like going to a buffet in Vegas, the true costs are hidden from us.

The solution?  More transparency and more untainted data to us the consumers and our physicians.

You don't get your cars undercoated, why do we want useless undercoating in our health care?  Or do we just enjoy be gluttons?


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