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Sprint and Customer Retention

My two year contract was up and Sprint sent me a few reminders and "incentives" to renew.   Aa So I did a lot of research on plans, phones and competitors and was really perplexed.   I like my small flip Katana because it fits in my Levis change pocket and (living in the West) also had analogue.  

What to do?

All the offers expired soon so I called customer service.   And they spent forty minutes with me going over the different plans.  Turns out we both agreed the current plan was pretty good for what I needed.  So she offered to shave 18% off my monthly plan, give me a credit to use if I ever wanted to upgrade my phone and one month credit.

I signed.

And this is smart.   I'm happy and this is so much better and cheaper than trying to acquire a new customer.   Know your customer acquisition costs, and you'll find it pays to keep your current customers happy.


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