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Time Out! for Panasonic's "It's Time For Some Viera Time"

Viera looks like a great HD TV.   I saw a commercial yesterday for it and it confused me a lot.   It started off with a family too busy to spend time with each other.

The solution?  A Viera TV.  So far so good.  As they say:

Spend some Viera time with your friends and family.

Aa Then they  show me why this will happen.  Because they have an SD memory slot and remote control.

Yup, a memory slot will bring your family together.

Today's advice, leave engineering at home when you're working on your creative.


Mary Schmidt

Yep, I thought the same thing - Ohhh, the secret to happiness is a memory slot! Maybe the engineers should - um - spend some time with their kids...

And - call me cranky - but isn't television part of the problem? Here's a wacky idea - turn off the tube (new or otherwise), clear the over-scheduled calendars (give kids some time to be kids) and talk to each other.

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